Formula 1 GULF AIR BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX 2019 29 - 31 MAR

Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

Bahrain is very tough on rear tyres in particular with a high level of traction and grip required for a good lap time. As it is located in the desert, it is quite common to have sand on the track, which can lower the grip levels, in particular at the start of a session. This is a track where tyre management is important, with rear traction in particular being the key to a strong qualifying and race pace. The grand prix starts in the late afternoon, so temperatures fall as the race goes on, affecting tyre behaviour. The race is followed by the first in-season test.

The Circuit

Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix
Number of laps 57
Circuit Length 5.412 Km
Race Distance 308.238 Km
Lap record 1:31.447 Pedro de la Rosa - 2005

Circuit Data

3 Tyrestress 2 Downforce 3 Lateral 5 Asphaltabrasion 4 Asphaltgrip


P Zero white Hard — C1

P Zero yellow Medium — C2

P Zero red Soft — C3