1. Suited to Enduro motorcycles with a Touring setup, capable of tackling long journeys and excursions with light off road stretches
  2. Sporty on the road, but capable of handling effectively even unsurfaced routes
  3. Revolutionary tread pattern which combines high performance with a contemporary and innovative design
  4. Technology with steel belt at 0° ensuring greater stability and excellent handling on all types of road surface, even at full load
  5. Compound with the latest generation components to enable the maximum traction in all weather conditions and the best possible ratio between performance and mileage
  Scorpion, , MX32 are trademarks of Pirelli Tyre S.p.A.

WARNING MOTORCYCLE SPEED LIMITATIONS: Some motorcycle models can come from the manufacturer with either street oriented tyres or trail oriented tyres. The street oriented tyres typically will have a higher speed capability than the trail oriented tyres. If the street oriented tyres are replaced by the trail oriented tyres, the motorcycle’s top speed will then be limited to the speed rating of the trail tyres. A warning sticker advising of the lower speed rating should be affixed to the motorcycle where it is readily visible to the rider. For any questions, consult with the motorcycle manufacturer.
is a trademark of Pirelli Tyre S.p.A.

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