Pirelli and The Bentley Drivers Club are delighted to offer club members an exclusive Pirelli fuel gift card offer. You can find all the details of the offer and the participating dealer network below. This offer entitles you to claim a fuel gift card on purchases of up to 8 Pirelli tyres within a calendar year and can be used for your friends and family providing the terms and conditions are adhered to.

The Fuel Gift Card Offer:

16” and below

2 tyres = £10 | 4 tyres = £30


2 tyres = £30 | 4 tyres = £70

18” and above

2 tyres = £50 | 4 tyres = £100


*maximum 8 tyres per member per yearn

Purchase Pirelli tyres through official Bentley dealers and Pirelli Performance Centres. Don’t know where you nearest Pirelli Performance Centre is? Use the dealer locator at the bottom of this page to help.

In order to qualify for the offer you must purchase your tyres from one of the participating dealers. After fitting your tyres, please upload the proof of purchase in the “Offer Redemption” section of this promotion page.

Please note, you will be asked to verify your Bentley Drivers Club membership by including your membership number in the registration form. Unfortunately, claims without a valid number cannot be processed. You will be required to provide your date of birth - this will be needed to activate your fuel gift card once received.  The information will not be used for any other purpose. Once your claim has been processed you will receive your fuel gift card within 30 days.

Vintage Cars

For owners of older vintage cars then Pirelli recommends its UK distributor, Longstone tyres. Bentley Drivers Club members should contact them directly for specific detailed information. Please call +44 1302 711123 for details or visit Bentley Drivers Club members receive 5% discount at Longstone Tyres on all Pirelli tyres. Members will need to quote their club membership number and purchase Pirelli tyres to receive the discount with Longstone. Members can still claim their fuel card offer for Pirelli tyres purchased through Longstone tyres

Terms and conditions

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