Pirelli introduces its innovative winter tyre line: an optimum combination of high performance, maximum safety, and road handling ability.

Pirelli winter tyres are the result of the experience acquired during years of research and testing aimed at obtaining increasingly advanced solutions capable of enhancing everyone's driving style and of providing absolute control under all weather conditions.

The line includes specific models for various types of cars: city cars, sports cars, sedans and 4x4 SUVs. It was conceived to enhance the performance of all vehicles, while ensuring a high level of driving comfort and the pleasure of being in total control of the car.

Perfect vehicle control, shorter braking distances, high wear resistance, and lower fuel consumption make Pirelli tyres the best solution for drivers who like to drive in total safety, without giving up the pleasure of high performance in all road conditions: dry, wet, on ice or snow.

Designed and built using the latest generation tread compounds, Pirelli's winter tyres are a combination of technology and innovation. Thanks to the presence of very high levels of silica in the tread compound, they are able to deal without any hesitation with the cold roads typical of the winter season, always providing high performance and optimum driving control.

The tread design of the winter tyre is characterised by the strong presence of ridges and large grooves. The purpose of the ridges is to improve grip on snow by holding the snow within the ridges, while the grooves improve drainage on wet road surfaces, thus decreasing the danger of aquaplaning and ensuring very high safety standards under the various, even most difficult, weather conditions.

The importance of control has been part of Pirelli's DNA since its conception. Thanks to our engineers' passion for innovation and our exclusive experience in Formula 1, Pirelli tyres make a real difference in road handling.

Pirelli's technological research took us beyond the limits of what can be controlled; power is enjoyable only if adequately controlled.

Discover a new way of experiencing the road.

How to be in control of winter




"In any case, I only drive in the city."
"This year there will not be much snow.”
"I drive slowly…" 


This section contains some recommendations from Pirelli technicians, 
to obtain the highest performance and safety from winter tyres.


When the temperature falls below 7°C,
fitting a set of winter tyres in winter conditions
​ guarantees safety and optimum control of the vehicle.