OF F1®

Nowadays, the question on every F1® enthusiast lips is: why is Pirelli going for bigger tyres next year?

This choice has arisen out of two factors: the desire to make future F1® even more aspirational by creating a bigger emotional visual impact, and managing the increase in performance that the technical revolution will inevitably bring.

With so much more rubber at the back, the new cars will be ground-based missiles with explosive acceleration and cornering speeds that bend the limits of physics, reintroducing the concept of the F1® ‘beast’.

Also, by moving to wider tyres, we will reintroduce some of the aggression and retro exoticism of the cars from the 1970s and magical 1980s: vehicles that looked like they were only capable of being driven by supermen.

These are the main reasons why this decision is the most important step in the technical revolution that has been sanctioned for next year and into the future. If you want to discover more details about the technology behind the new tyres and the testing process, click here.