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Block to rock Formula One

’Gymkhana’ legend and World Rally Championship star Ken Block will drive the Pirelli F1 test car, which has been used by the Italian company since its Formula One programme was announced in June 2010. The car was used in competition throughout the 2009 grand prix season but it has since ...>

Media Invitation: Ken Block to announce new challenge with Pirelli at Montreal

On Sunday morning before the Canadian Grand Prix, ‘Gymkhana’ legend Ken Block will announce his super-secret plan to take on an all-new challenge with Pirelli. “This announcement is going to be big,” said Block. “I’ve worked with Pirelli on some of my previous projects like Gymkhana THREE and the DiRT3 ...>

2011 Monaco Grand Prix

Pirelli’s new supersoft to make its mark on the Principality What’s the story? Pirelli heads immediately from one of the quicker tracks seen on the calendar to the very slowest, but at the same time definitely the most glamorous: Monaco. The tight and twisty confines of the Principality are ideal ...>