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In-season test: Silverstone, United Kingdom, July 12-13, 2016

“At the second and final in-season test of the season, the teams were free to choose whichever tyres best suited their testing programmes – and we saw the entire range from full wet to ultrasoft being used at some point during the two days. Despite the rain that dominated the opening afternoon, the teams completed plenty of laps and were able to give a number of young drivers some useful experience. We were also able to get some data about potential 2017 compounds and constructions within a 2016 tyre size, thanks to a programme carried out by Pascal Wehrlein in a 2014 Mercedes W05, which was also present at the test. This has given us a number of interesting areas to work on and now we look forward to continuing our test programme next month, using 2017-size tyres for the first time on modified cars.” Paul Hembery, Pirelli motorsport director

Raikkonen Ferrari SOFT 01:30.665 DAY 2
Ocon Mercedes SOFT 01:31.212 DAY 2
Alonso McLaren SUPERSOFT 01:31.290 DAY 1
Gasly Red Bull SOFT 01:31.429 DAY 2
Mazepin Force India SUPERSOFT 01:31.561 DAY 2
Vandoorne McLaren SUPERSOFT 01:31.764 DAY 2
Bottas Williams SOFT 01:32.423 DAY 2
Ferrucci Haas SOFT 01:33.141 DAY 2
Palmer Renault HARD 01:33.308 DAY 2
Sainz J Toro Rosso SOFT 01:34.040 DAY 2
Lynn Williams MEDIUM 01:34.433 DAY 1
Leclerc Ferrari MEDIUM 01:34.446 DAY 1
King Manor SOFT 01:35.060 DAY 2
Haryanto Manor SOFT 01:35.631 DAY 1
Sirotkin Renault HARD 01:36.575 DAY 1
WET Ocon 1m51.264s DAY 1
SUPERSOFT Alonso 1m31.290s DAY 1
MEDIUM Raikkonen 1m32.730s DAY 2
INTERMEDIATE Raikkonen 1m45.828s DAY 2
SOFT Raikkonen 1m30.665s DAY 2
ULTRASOFT Mazepin 1m32.075s DAY 2
HARD Palmer 1m33.308s DAY 2
MEDIUM Ocon Mercedes 21 DAY 2
INTERMEDIATE Alonso McLaren 17 DAY 1
SOFT Ocon Mercedes 14 DAY 2
WET Alonso McLaren 11 DAY 1
HARD Palmer Renault 9 DAY 2
SUPERSOFT Mazepin Force India 4 DAY 2
ULTRASOFT Mazepin Force India 4 DAY 2
Alonso McLaren SUPERSOFT 01:31.290
Ocon Mercedes MEDIUM 01:32.833
Lynn Williams MEDIUM 01:34.433
Leclerc Ferrari MEDIUM 01:34.446
Mazepin Force India SOFT 01:34.521
Sainz J Toro Rosso MEDIUM 01:34.643
Ferrucci Haas MEDIUM 01:34.866
Haryanto Manor SOFT 01:35.631
Sirotkin Renault HARD 01:36.575
Gasly Red Bull MEDIUM 01:43.891
Raikkonen Ferrari SOFT 01:30.665
Ocon Mercedes SOFT 01:31.212
Gasly Red Bull SOFT 01:31.429
Mazepin Force India SUPERSOFT 01:31.561
Vandoorne McLaren SUPERSOFT 01:31.764
Bottas Williams SOFT 01:32.423
Ferrucci Haas SOFT 01:33.141
Palmer Renault HARD 01:33.308
Sainz J Toro Rosso SOFT 01:34.040
King Manor SOFT 01:35.060