Become world leader in the Premium segment in 2015: this is the main objective of the 2012-2015 Industrial Plan unveiled by Chairman and CEO, Marco Tronchetti Provera, to the London financial community at the end of 2011.

Pirelli will be relying on further progress in the field of technological innovation leading to an unprecedented expansion of its product range capable of satisfying the requirements of mature markets and growing Premium Segment demand in rapidly developing countries.



For the Car segment alone, the launch is scheduled of 18 tyres that in 2015 will account for 57% of sales generated by new investments. In addition to product and technology, Pirelli will continue to optimise its manufacturing setup and geographical footprint, examples being the projects underway in Russia (Car), Mexico (Car), Argentina (Truck) and the new facility that is to open in Indonesia (Motorcycle). Such a large increase in manufacturing capacity will ensure greater local-for-local availability, offering improved distribution. It is also expected that the Premium segment share will increase in all regions.

Brand strength, valued at 2.27 billion euro, will also support innovative marketing schemes for both end consumers and trade, allowing segmentation, expansion and retention of the customer base.