Marangoni and Pirelli Tyre signed a collaboration agreement for retreading of heavy vehicle tyres. This new agreement reinforces the previous one, signed in 2003 for Europe, and recently extended to South America where Pirelli holds undisputed leadership in truck tyres, and where Marangoni has developed an important, qualified presence in the retreaded tyres market.

For Europe, the recently signed agreement foresees the supply by Marangoni of NOVATECK marked pre-cured bands, manufactured with the original Pirelli tread design. This project, which is part of the strategy of strengthening and enlarging the supply of services by Pirelli Truck, aims to add value in particular to the new products in the 88 Series and the 01 Series, launched on the European market in 2009, characterized, among other qualities, by their high suitability for retreading.

The wide range of pre-cured bands, which will be produced by Marangoni in its factories in Germany (Hamburg) and Italy (Ferentino) will cover most applications and sizes. The bands are available with five different types of compounds, each developed specifically for the segment of use, in order to guarantee maximum performance. The business is operated by a network of selected retreaders, certified by Pirelli, who will be granted the right to use the NOVATECK brand.

The partnership between Pirelli and the retreaders, supported by the collaboration with Marangoni on the technical and industrial side, has the aim to create an extended, professional network, able to ensure both widespread geographical presence and quality of service.

The agreement is part of the Pirelli Lifecycle Management concept, a tyre value adding programmme, whose goal is reduction of the operational cost-per-kilometre and of environmental impact. This is reached through optimization of the entire lifecycle of the product, starting from the design of the new tyre, continuing with the manufacturing process, and ending with the retreading process.