The right pressure for racetrack driving

P Zero™ Trofeo has a quite stiff construction and does not usually require higher pressures for racetrack use. It is designed for use at a pressure of approximately 2 bar, to be adjusted according to the type of car.

The figures indicated refer to the “operating pressure”: the pressure of the tyre when it is fully warmed up to working temperature. For accurate calibration, it is essential to consider that the difference in temperature between a “cold” tyre and a “hot” one is quite significant, normally 0.5 bar.

Right pressure

How do I set the tyre pressure correctly?

Adjust the tyre pressures when cold, setting the operating pressure required minus approximately 0.4 bar. Drive three or four laps of the track to bring the tyres up to temperature, then come back into the pit-lane and immediately adjust the tyre pressure to the operating pressure required.
It is advisable to continue to check the pressure “hot” during use.

Pirelli recommends the use of ordinary compressed air to inflate the tyres, provided that the above procedures are followed. No special gases, such as nitrogen, are required unless the source of air is exposed to excessive humidity.

Always use a high-quality air pressure gauge in order to obtain reliable results. We also recommend that the valve stems of the wheels should be metal, instead of rubber, as they are more resistant to high temperatures.

After use on the track remember to re-set the pressures to conditions of normal use of the car

Tyre pressure

Before entering the curcuit

To bring the car to the track and obtain the maximum performance and safety it is naturally indispensable for the car to be in perfect efficiency.

Priority is to check the brakes, steering and suspension, which must be perfectly efficient.
On the occasion of “track days”, it is advisable to replace the brake pads with competition pads capable of withstanding the higher temperatures generated by the constant use that circuit driving demands.

It is important to use professionals also for the preparation and installation of the specialist safety equipment, such as the “full harness” seat belt, a competition seat, the roll bar, etc.

For the maximum safety in racetrack driving we also recommend an approved helmet and a specific driver’s suit: overalls, specific shoes and fireproof gloves.

Circuit safety

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