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Russian Grand Prix qualifying

Ferrari claims first and second in qualifying on ultrasoft with a pole time more than two seconds faster than last year Only Ferrari uses the supersoft in Q1 ultrasoft for everyone else from start to finish in qualifying One pit stop confirmed as most likely race strategy Qualifying took place ...>

Russian Grand Prix practice sessions

Fastest-ever lap of Sochi set in free practice two, using the ultrasoft on its Russian debut About a second separates supersoft from ultrasoft, as well as supersoft from soft Track surface has evolved compared to last year, but still offers low degradation The ultrasoft tyre set a new record on ...>

Bahrain Grand Prix race

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel wins a strategic Grand Prix with a two-stop strategy All the drivers stop twice apart from Sauber’s Pascal Wehrlein Several variations on the two-stop strategy, using soft and supersoft, with contained degradation Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel won the Bahrain Grand Prix with a two-stop strategy, from the second ...>