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Italian Grand Prix race

Lewis Hamilton leads a Mercedes one-two finish at Monza with the top three all using identical tire strategies Alternative tire strategy used by Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo to finish fourth from 16th on the grid One-stop tire strategy for practically all the drivers on the fastest track of the year, ...>

Italian Grand Prix qualifying

Wet weather and extreme conditions interrupted FP3 and qualifying Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton claims his 69th pole position, using the Pirelli wet tire, following a delay of more than two hours Dry conditions expected for tomorrow: one-stop strategy should be most likely, although teams are still lacking some data The ...>

Italian Grand Prix practice sessions

The Mercedes team was the fastest in both free practice sessions, using Pirelli supersoft tires The gap between the supersoft tire and soft tire lap times is currently around 0.7 seconds: free practice 2 times were nearly a second and a half faster than last year Some rain in the ...>