Valtteri Bottas claims his second career pole position, using purple ultrasoft

His team mate Lewis Hamilton will start P8 following a grid penalty: uses supersoft in G2 as an alternative start strategy

Cloudy and uncertain weather forecast to remain for the race tomorrow, with one pit stop expected


Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas set fastest time in qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix, using the purple ultrasoft tire to go nearly two seconds faster than the best time in qualifying last year.

His team mate Lewis Hamilton will start from eighth on the grid following a penalty but used an alternative strategy by selecting the supersoft tire to set his best time in Q2. This means that he is the only one in the top 10 to start the grand prix tomorrow on this compound, which should allow him to run a longer first stint than his direct rivals.

Strategy is obviously going to be directly influenced by the weather though, with the unpredictable conditions expected to remain tomorrow. If the race is dry, a one-stop strategy is likely for most competitors.

Mario Isola – Head of Car Racing
“The main point of strategic interest today was Lewis Hamilton’s decision to run an alternative strategy, which may have been influenced by his grid penalty. By running a long opening stint on the supersoft, he gives himself the option to go with either the ultrasoft or the soft to the end, depending on the race circumstances. It looks like a one-stop strategy will be the preferred choice tomorrow, but of course this depends on the weather conditions as well, which still appear to be uncertain. Once again, we saw the speed of the latest regulations here in Austria: pole was nearly two seconds faster than the quickest time from qualifying last year.”

Tire set
Used for most of qualifying
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The talking point in
qualifying: Hamilton used it
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Free practice 3 – Top 3 times

Free practice 3 - Top 3 times

Qualifying Top 10

Qualifying Top 10

Most laps by compound so far

Most laps by compound so far

Best time by compound so far

Best time by compound so far


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