Winter is a season known for hazardous road conditions. In order to help consumers stay safe in colder months, when temperatures plummet below 45 degrees (F), Pirelli is launching a consumer promotion to encourage consumers to fit winter tires on their vehicles.

The Winter mail-in promotion, running from November 15th through December 31st 2013, offers consumers a $50 Visa® Prepaid card and a special Pirelli branded Winter Car Kit including an ice-scraper, blanket, de-icer and flashlight.

The qualifying tires for the mail-in offer include:

  • Snowcontrol™
  • Snowcontrol™ Serie II
  • Snowcontrol™ Serie 3
  • SottoZero ™
  • SottoZero ™ Serie II
  • SottoZero ™ Serie 3
  • Winter Carving ™
  • Winter Carving Edge ™
  • Snowsport ™
  • Ice Control™
  • Scorpion™ Ice
  • Scorpion™ Winter


A recent study by US Tire Retailer found that it took a vehicle equipped with all-season and summer tires 44% and 64% longer (respectively) to brake on an icy surface than with winter tires[1], an even greater reason to raise awareness with consumers who generally consider winter tires as an optional purchase.

This rebate aims to incentivize consumers to make the worthwhile investment of winter tires and reflects our ongoing commitment to road safety and education. We can’t stress the importance of winter tires enough when it comes to not only improving your vehicle’s performance, but overall public safety on the roads. Pirelli is proud to have a wide range of high performance winter tires; all designed using special tread compounds and the latest technological advancements to optimize driving performance when temperatures plummet – resulting in greater control, braking ability and handling.

For more information please contact your Pirelli sales representative.

[1] 2008 Controlled Study by Tire Retailer: Percentage calculated on the time taken for cars to drive 18 meters or 59 feet