Pirelli Tire has been recognized by the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association (RMA) for notable improvements in worker health and safety. One of three “Excellence” award winners for 2013, Pirelli’s facility in Rome, Georgia achieved a Days Away Restricted Transfer (DART) rate 75 percent better than the average achieved by plants that provided data to RMA. DART is measured by the incidence rate for lost workday cases.

“Our employees are our backbone,” remarked Pirelli Tire North America Chairman and CEO Paolo Ferrari. “Pirelli’s commitment to excellence is evident in both our product and in our workplace. As we continue to grow our North American presence, we will take every measure to ensure the same level of safety and care in our plant in Silao, Mexico.”

“[These] awards are clear evidence of this industry’s strong and tireless commitment to worker safety,” added Charles Cannon, RMA President and CEO.

According to RMA, 41 member facilities supplied data for the annual survey to determine the extent of workplace safety improvements. The data supplied to RMA is identical to information provided to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, which publishes injury and illness information on all industries.