A step of the alternative Energies Cup Championship

The Green Rally of Montreal is part of the International Championship of the  Alternatives Energy Cup organized by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. This unique event in America brings together every year for 6 years, a dozen countries. It is formerly known as Rally of Alternatives Energies of Montréal and Hydro-Québec. In addition, it is sponsored by major car manufacturers such as Toyota, Ford, Honda and Mitsubishi and other players in the automotive industry like CAA-Quebec and Budget Propane.

A competition for the environment

The Green Montreal of Montreal is a competition of driving precision along 600km of Quebec roads for three days. This ecological rally is restricted to vehicles energy or alternative fuels. It takes place in open on predefined routes and at a normal speed. The Green Rally of Montreal is therefore not a traditional rally since this is not a competition based on the speed.

A competition based on the regularity and consumption

Under the International Sporting Code, the Green Rally of Montreal takes place in accordance with the regulations of the FIA. Regularity tests to classify vehicles travelled time and advance or delay they have the ideal time established by the organizers. This time is measured by control points hidden throughout the course. In addition, the final classification also takes into consideration consumption index based on the relationship between the energy used and the weight of the vehicle including the crew.