Porsche Sport Driving School (PSDS) and Pirelli joined forces to create the Pirelli Dealer-Training program to train Porsche dealers on the increased performance and handling nuances of the iconic new Porsche 911 – fitted for the first time as original equipment – and homologated as N-Spec tires specifically for Porsche.  Dealers from all over the U.S. came to Birmingham, Alabama’s Barber Motorsports Park to learn, to drive and to experience the increased performance of the all the new 911 has to offer with its P Zero tires. Watch the video: Pirelli Porsche 911 Dealer Training.

“We’ve been called upon by Porsche North America to support them in the launch of the new 911,” said Rafael Navarro, Pirelli Tire North America’s Vice-President of Communications.  “We are here to showcase the product and show their dealer network to learn more about the car and what they are getting ready to introduce and sell in market.”

The Pirelli Dealer-Training program at PSDS exposed to the most highly refined performance training methods and techniques available. Under the guidance of Porsche Certified Instructors and Pirelli personnel, dealers learned not only the basics of the new 911, but the fine points sport driving as well. Perfecting the most efficient driving line, the importance of being smooth, trail braking techniques, heel/toe downshifting and refining your car control skills are all part of the curriculum.

Barber Motorsports Park is beautifully landscaped and often referred to as the Augusta of racetracks, but more importantly the circuit is exciting and challenging.  With 2.38 miles, 16 turns and over 80 feet of elevation changes the demanding track kept the Porsche dealers on their toes  – giving the P Zeros a workout!

“When the Pirelli Dealer-Training program is complete, well over 1100 corporate and retail employees will have successfully experienced the 911,” said Brad Hauck, Sales Training Manager for PCNA. “The feedback on the performance of the Pirelli tires has been fantastic.  Our attendees have noticed the increased traction of the tire on autocross one and autocross two and the quietness of the tire on the street drive.  Eight very experienced Porsche Sport Driving School instructors have noticed that there has been a dramatic increase in the durability of the Pirelli product.”

The Pirelli Dealer-Training program allows people to drive a Porsche fitted with P Zeros in an environment that they don’t typically get to experience. These dealers have the opportunity to push the boundaries and learn what the new 911 is truly capable of.