“Making a good tire is like making a good risotto,” – Maurizio Boiocchi, Pirelli’s research and development director and the ‘father’ of the Formula One P Zero and Cinturato tires.

Miles and Meals – Handcrafted by Pirelli is a limited edition cookbook – a playful way of illustrating the similarities between food and Formula 1. Whether an engineer responsible for developing the world’s best tires or a chef responsible for feeding race drivers and VIPs, these Pirelli team members have proven they understand the art of developing compounds into something special – from P Zero Racing Slicks for Formula 1 to Italian risotto.

Miles and Meals includes the recipes of Pirelli’s head chef Fabrizio Tanfani, and with the input of the hospitality manager Cristian Staurenghi, presents some of the best dishes to emerge from their kitchen, race after race across all four corners of the world. Recipes in Miles and Meals are based on Italian cuisine, but feature influences by the flavors of the countries visited during the racing year.  Each is strikingly original, and the photographs of the ingredients are presented in the Formula One context.

Whether dealing with tires or food, Pirelli is known for its outstanding results that combine top quality ingredients and the harmonious balance between them – relying on science and the human touch to develop the final product.  The expert’s knowledge in the kitchen is as crucial to success of the team as the engineers of the R & D center, and no less vital when it comes to dealing with the cutting-edge technology that that characterizes the production of modern competition tires. This essential element is reflected by one key word in the book’s subheading, “handcrafted”.  Miles and Meals uses the written word and beautiful photography to depict life on the Pirelli Formula 1 team, from the effort that goes into shaping agnolotti into racing cars and edible tires made from tomatoes and pine nuts to Pirelli’s engineers measuring, analyzing and preparing the tires for competition.

Each recipe is accompanied by anecdotes that tell the story of every circuit from the point of view of the tires and of the kitchen. So we find out that Australian Angus beef is the best possible choice for a typically Italian steak, in the markets of Delhiit’s possible to find plenty of ingredients normally used in Tuscan cuisine, if you look hard enough, and that avocado can be the best accompaniment to a Mediterranean seafood salad.

Miles and Meals will help the reader enjoy moments of relaxation such as the ‘Italian Sunday’ – a short break originally designed to beat the equatorial heat of Malaysia – to the everyday hard work of meetings, strategy analysis, data collection and calculation of camber and set-up for each race.

“Miles and Meals” is a limited edition release and is available in digital form as well. Download here: http://www.pirelliftp.com/share/f1/2012/monaco_event/page/index.html.