Pirelli Canada has partnered with CAA-Québec to offer the over 1 million members of the not-for-profit organization special rebates on the purchase of Pirelli Tires. CAA–Québec seeks to provide its members and customers with a feeling of security and peace of mind by providing very high-quality automotive, travel, residential and financial services and products, including the new rebates for Pirelli tire products. In part through its partnership with CAAQuébec, Pirelli strives to introduce its full line of products to the Canadian consumer, highlighting the company’s shared goals of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Until the end of the year customers will receive five dollars off each Pirelli tire purchased with proof of a valid CAAQuébec membership.

“Pirelli is dedicated to sustainable development in the automotive space,” said Mattia Bussacchini, President of Pirelli Canada. “Pirelli is the global automotive leader in sustainability, recognized by organizations such as Dow Jones and STOXX as a company that actively practices and promotes sustainable best practices and are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with such an important organization that shares these commitments.”