Turn 10 Studios released the latest in a series of “The Making of Forza Motorsport 4 documentary videos this week. The new video, “The Making of Forza Motorsport 4: Physics, Pirelli and Performance” spotlights the process used by Forza and Pirelli in creating and perfecting realistic car physics for the latest edition of the Forza Motorsport series for Xbox 360.

The partnership between Forza Motorsport and Pirelli was forged during the development of Forza Motorsport 4. Pirelli provided Turn 10 with access to its advanced tire research data from its global Research and Development laboratories including custom load- andheat-level testing specifically requested by the team at Turn 10. Pirelli’s data proved to be invaluable to the Forza team, who used it to refine the physics and car handling in Forza Motorsport 4. The result is a driving model that is unparalleled both in its realism and its sheer drivability.

Tires are hugely critical to making a great simulator,” said Forza Motorsport creative director Dan Greenawalt. “Turn 10 takes tire simulation very seriously because we want to get it perfect. For Forza Motorsport 4, our relationshipwith Pirelli has allowed us to bring a new level of fidelity and realism to the game and once again raise the bar of what players expect from the Forza Motorsport series.

The technical partnership between Pirelli and the Microsoft Xbox team and means“Forza Motorsport 4” is the most realistic driving simulator available,” said Rafael Navarro, Vice-President of Communications and Media Relations at Pirelli Tire North America. “It features Pirelli’s shared tire performance data and the company’s cutting-edge research into tire dynamics and vehicle performance data imported directly into the game. The result is extraordinary!

Hit the Road Today: “Forza Motorsport 4” is available in a Standard Edition ($59.99 U.S. ERP) and is rated “E” For Everyone by the ESRB.

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