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Two out of three for Pirelli as Gary Johnson takes first TT victory in supersport thriller

Pirelli Shod Electric Bike Nudges The Magic 100MPH at Isle of Man TT June 10, 2011 – Pirelli rider Gary Johnson today took his first ever TT win this week as Guy Martin took third at the Isle of Man event. Pirelli earned two spots on the Supersport podium, once ...>

P Zero white makes its debut while P Zero red goes quickest

Pirelli’s P Zero White medium compound tire made its first appearance during a grand prix weekend in Canada, when the teams used the two extra sets they had been given for today’s free practice sessions only to evaluate the new rubber for the future. However, it was the P Zero ...>

Ken Block to Announce New Challenge with Pirelli at Montreal

On Sunday morning before the Canadian Grand Prix, ‘Gymkhana’ legend Ken Block will announce his super-secret plan to take on an all-new challenge with Pirelli. “This announcement is going to be big,” said Block. “I’ve worked with Pirelli on some of my previous projects like Gymkhana THREE and the DiRT3 ...>