A leading consumer products research and testing publication has ranked Pirelli’s P Zero Nero All Season No. 1 in its Ultra High Performance All Season tire ratings in their November, 2010 issue.  The ratings were primarily based on the P Zero Nero All Season’s impressive handling dynamics in wet and dry conditions, cornering stability, noise and comfort, snow traction, ice braking, rolling resistance, tread life and its resistance to hydroplaning.  

P Zero Nero All Season is a tire dedicated to the North American market that provides a winning combination of quiet ride, precise cornering and superior grip in wet and dry driving conditions. The P Zero Nero All Season has a growing list of Original Equipment fitments and replacement sizes both in conventional and Run Flat constructions and is the leader in the Ultra High Performance All Season category.

- Asymmetric all season tread design for precision handling in all conditions, even at the limit
- Silica compounding offers a superior balance of fuel efficiency and wet road control
- Solid center rib gives a constant and consistent contact patch with the road providing shorter braking distances and quicker acceleration in both dry and wet conditions
- Four Longitudinal and many lateral grooves minimize the risk of aquaplaning even when cornering
- Two Zero Degree Nylon Cap Plies and steel belts minimize the footprint deformation under extreme handling conditions
- Created for both the Original Equipment and Replacement markets
- P Zero Nero All Season is backed by a 45,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty

Pirelli Tire North America designs, develops, manufactures and markets tires for passenger vehicles in both the original equipment and replacement markets as well as markets and distributes tires for motorcycles and motorsports. Located in Rome, Georgia, Pirelli’s Modular Integrated Robotized System (MIRS) employs state-of-the-art technology to manufacture tires for both export and domestic markets.  For more information please visit www.us.pirelli.com.