Pirelli has been selected by Lotus Cars Limited as the principal supplier of tires for the stunning new Lotus Evora.

The Evora is the first all new Lotus to be released since the iconic Elise roadster in 1995. The launch at Loch Lomond in Scotland earlier this month gave the press a perfect opportunity to drive the exhilarating Evora on its original equipment (OE) fitment Pirelli P ZerosTM, experiencing first hand how well the partnership between car and tire really works.

The fitment for the Lotus Evora is the Pirelli P ZeroTM, which also serves as a reference point for many other ultra-high performance vehicles – and provides cars with superior grip and sharper steering response and feel. The homologated size on the Evora is the 225/40ZR18 on the front and 255/35ZR19 on the rear.

Mathew Becker, Executive Engineer of Vehicle Dynamics for Lotus believes that the Pirelli P ZeroTM enhances the dynamic performance of the Evora. “The Lotus Evora has been developed to deliver class-leading steering and handling performance whilst maintaining excellent ride quality. The exceptional abilities of Pirelli’s P ZeroTM enhance these vital elements, and we have been impressed with the excellent steering linearity and consistent grip levels that this particular tire provides in all conditions.”

The most technologically advanced product to come out of Pirelli Research & Development, the P ZeroTM offers the most demanding drivers unprecedented performance in all areas: sports handling, comfort and safety thanks to a range of ground-breaking features developed by Pirelli and protected by 5 patents. The asymmetric tread pattern is innovative with a design that responds both to the need for increased levels of safety and for enhanced performance of the car. Precise in the dry and resolute in the wet, P ZeroTM maintains remarkable consistency between its static and dynamic footprint. The P ZeroTM tread pattern also ensures durability and consistent performance throughout the life of the tire. The active structure of the P ZeroTM responds to rolling stresses without transmitting tension through to the steering wheel, even at high speed. The tires use compounds that react immediately, guaranteeing the same high degree of performance whether the tire is cold or up to temperature. It is these attributes that helps make the P ZeroTM the ideal tire of choice for the Lotus Evora.

P Zero Sizes used on the Lotus Evora

Front: 225/40 ZR18 92 Y XL
Rear: 255/35 ZR19 96 YXL

In recognition of its superb handling both in the dry and in the wet the P ZeroTM has recently been awarded Tire of the Year 2009 by Auto Express.

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