From MIRS&#8482 to the Eufori@ Run-Flat, from
the Scorpion Zero for the Record- Braking Dodge Ram SRT-10 Pickup
to the Fiat Trepiuno Concept Car, Great Ideas Are the Life Blood of

GENEVA, Switzerland, March 2, 2004 For 74 years
the Geneva International Motor Show has been the motoring
worlds most important shop window: a source of ideas and
perceptions that ensure the continual evolution of the car. The
same goes for the tire, the most essential component of the whole
automobile system.

For the Pirelli P Zero family of tires, 2004 is also the year in
which its production will be switched to the MIRS&#8482
automated process. This is a completely robotized and flexible
mini-factory, able to produce tires of completely innovative
characteristics in the areas of performance, reliability and
comfort. The MIRS&#8482 process is so unique it is difficult to
compare with the high-quality traditional process by which tires
are built.

Having begun its industrial life making the Eufori@ run-flat, which
is original equipment on the Mini, MIRS&#8482 technology has
been extended to the super-specialized PZero family destined for
the American market. From the MIRS&#8482 factory in Rome,
Georgia, come the all-season P Zero Nero M+S and the 22-inch
diameter Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico. The former is building
popularity for itself by its fitment as standard to the 2005
Mustang GT, the latter has become a must for the large, powerful
SUVs that symbolize our American way of motoring. One example that
represents them all is the 22-inch diameter Scorpion Zero mounted
on the Dodge Ram SRT-10. With its 10- cylinder Viper engine that
puts out 500 bhp and produces a top speed of more than 150 mph (241
km/h), the Ram is the fastest and most powerful pickup ever built.
For a rocket like that, the MIRS&#8482 robots in Rome, Georgia,
built and had homologated the biggest and fastest Scorpion Zero
ever constructed by Pirelli and they did so at record speed, due to
the reduced time to market afforded by the new technology. In size
305/40R22, this is the tire that recently took the Dodge Ram to a
new world record in its category for the flying kilometer, with a
speed of 154.587 mph (248.73 km/h) almost 7 mph faster than the
previous record.

And beginning next spring, MIRS&#8482 will begin to produce P
Zero and Scorpion Zero for the European market.

The MIRS&#8482 system’s first-born, the Pirelli Eufori@, has
among its fundamental characteristics a run-flat construction with
self-supporting sidewalls that enable the tire to function even at
zero pressure. The run-flat is one element of its technology that
Pirelli offers the auto industry in the area of so-called “total
mobility”. Another development – the result of collaboration with
Michelin – is the PAX System, a revolutionary tire concept with
asymmetric sidewalls and an internal anti-bead detachment

Pirelli will be at Geneva with its PAX System in size 215-650R440A,
which has also been produced with MIRS&#8482 technology.

And then there are the concept tires, stylistic/functional,
tailor-made developments for those prototypes and styling exercises
that have always constituted one of the major points of interest at
the Geneva Motor Show. For the 2004 event, Pirellis
cooperation with styling centers is visible, starting with the
tires for the long awaited Fiat Trepiuno. Pirelli has designed
another two-tread pattern concept for one of the most famous
stylists in the world: Giugiaro. The tires conceived for the
Toyota-based Alessandro Volta and the Alfa Romeo-based Visconti,
are Pirelli. And among the other concept cars are the Mini Wagon
SUV by Castagna fitted with Pirelli Scorpion S/Ts and the Kite by
Fioravanti wearing Pirelli P Zero Neros.

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Pirelli Tire North America specializes in the manufacture and
marketing of highperformance car, light truck and motorcycle tires
and currently has three of its highly advanced MIRS&#8482
(Modular Integrated Robotized System) modules in operation in a new
factory near Atlanta, Georgia, to better serve the American OEM and
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