Supplier sustainability Audit and Supplier Quality Audit

Pirelli regularly commissions independent audits to sector leading companies to review the compliance of Pirelli vendors with their ethical, social and environmental responsibilities, as provided inter alia in the sustainability clauses that they signed.

Supplier sustainability Audit

These independent audits are carried out according to a checklist of sustainability parameters based on:

  • the SA8000® standards;

  • the “Social Responsibility Policy, for Occupational Health, Safety and Rights, and Environment Policy”;

  • The Pirelli Ethical Code.

Supplier Quality Audit

Within the Pirelli Premium Quality Value Stream, Pirelli provides for routine Audit activity according to:

  • ISO-TS 16949 System Audit: The task is to examine any aspect of structure, function, interaction of cross tasks to a crucial degree. Grading scale: acceptable; not acceptable.

  • VDA 6.x Process Audit: the task is to analyze the process in such a way that risks and weaknesses are detected in the work processes and in their interface. Grading scale:

    A quality-capable;

    B conditionally quality-capable;

    C not quality-capable.


Vendor Rating Report is a yearly Supplier evaluation that Pirelli publishes on the Pirelli Supplier Portal.

Pirelli assesses its Suppliers yearly by launching an internal campaign that involves all the functions that play an active role in the Supplier Relationship lifecycle.

Vendor Rating Report: is a yearly Supplier evaluation that Pirelli publishes on the Pirelli Supplier Portal, reporting information about:

  • KPIs scores;
  • Overall scoring;
  • Classification of results.

Results are classified as follow:

A ➔ the overall results are above target, the supplier will be considered in the short list for the Pirelli Yearly Supplier Award;

B ➔ usually the results are in line with the targets to be achieved, but for certain KPIs Pirelli asks for a Corrective Action Plan. The recovery plan must be submitted within 6 weeks. The Supplier is asked for continuous improvement in order to achieve the A classification;

C ➔ the supplier’s results are usually under the targets. Pirelli asks for a Corrective Action Plan for all the items below target. The recovery plan must be submitted within 4 weeks, however Pirelli will audit the Supplier in order to verify effective implementation.

Pirelli strongly encourages the Supplier to share this information internally to develop a commitment to a continuous improvement approach.

For the procedure to be followed for the correct addressing to Pirelli of the required Corrective Action Plan, suppliers are invited to follow the instructions published at the following link: