Sourcing Policy

The Green Sourcing Policy seeks to promote and incentivize environmental awareness in the supply chain and to encourage decisions that can reduce the environmental impact of goods and services sourced by Pirelli.

The document strives to broaden the organization’s vision towards a methodology which analyzes the potential ways of reducing the associated environmental impact throughout the entire supply chain, including all that is conceived and designed internally and then contracted out to suppliers.

The Green Sourcing Policy was drafted in a highly pragmatic and intentionally specific manner, with the focus on key concepts, such as lifecycle. This is the approach that the company chooses to take in order to be in a position to make decisions based on thorough analyses.

“Reduction, reuse and recovery;” These concepts are the macro-categories that define the ways in which we reduce the environmental impact of a good or a service. Pirelli is also committed to encouraging its suppliers to integrate the Green Sourcing Policy into their own sourcing models and throughout their respective supply chains.

The policy is available below, translated into a variety of languages, including those that are spoken by the Group’s suppliers.

Purchasing Guidelines

What is Green Sourcing for Pirelli

The Pirelli approach to sustainable environmental management is set forth in accordance with the Sustainability System envisaged in the United Nations Global Compact, signed in 2004, and in accordance with the “Rio Declaration on Environment and Development”. The Pirelli Green Sourcing Policy is based on 3 pillars:

  • The Pirelli “Green Sourcing Policy”, signed by the Chairman, where Pirelli and all Group employees undertake to consider environmental aspects in all of their design choices and sourcing of materials, products and services. The goal is to stimulate and promote environmental awareness throughout the supply chain, and promote choices that can reduce the environmental impact of the sourcing process associated with the Pirelli business. This is part of the Pirelli Premium strategy in creating sustainable growth over time, benefiting from tangible and intangible value return.

  • The Pirelli “Green Sourcing Manual” (PGSM): is a document, based on the principles of the Green Sourcing Policy, that provides green internal guidelines for Pirelli Functions. It is an internal and confidential document, issued under the coordination of both Quality and Sustainability Departments, with the contribution of all the functions involved in the sourcing process. The PGSM provides the key environmental guidelines to be applied in the operative functional activities associated with the sourcing of the four green purchasing macro-areas: Materials, Capex, Opex and Logistics.

  • The Pirelli “Green Purchasing Guidelines” (PGPG): this document, based on the previous two pillars, which represents the Pirelli will to disclose its own dimension towards the whole supply chain, sharing its Green Sourcing approach with Suppliers, releasing its green best practices and encouraging Suppliers to do the same.