The mission of the Pirelli Procurement Department is to promote best practices and purchase services and goods for effective and efficient
Company operation. It is the responsibility of the Pirelli Purchasing Department to ensure the best supply base to achieve:

  • The best market value;
  • Quality;
  • Timely delivery;
  • Speed;
  • Innovation;
  • Compliance with regulations and internal procedures.

The Pirelli Procurement Department has to conduct its business with fairness, transparency, responsibility, ethics, and a green and diverse approach.

Pirelli Procurement Department manages the following categories:

Logistic Services:

Warehousing&Distribution (housing, handling, added value services and local distribution at national level), International Transports
(Sea/Road/Air Transport Companies at international level,Shipping Forwarders).


Process Machinery (i.e., Curing Press, Finishing&Control Machinery, Cutting Lines, Extrusion Lines, Calendering Lines,etc.).


PPE, Electrical, Hydraulic&Pneumatic, Filtration, Mechanical, Guides&Bearings, General Supplies, Material Handling, Chemicals, Welding, Instrumentation,


Primary (Electricity, Natural Gas, Diesel Oil, LPG), Transformed (Steam), Utility (Grid Water, Wells Water) and Technical Fluid (Nitrogen).


Hardware Software e Related personal services.

General Goods and services:

security, consulting (Board of directors, Training, HR), travel expenditures, staff cars, general services, furniture, stationery, catering services, canteen services, training, express couriers, facility services.


creativity, media, ATL/BTL advertising, printing, audio video, retails, point of sales, events, seminars, signs.

Raw material:

Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, Fillers, Chemicals, Textiles Reinforcement and Steel Reinforcement.

Auxiliary Material:

they are used for production-maintenance needs and they are not a part of production output.

Off takes:

this category includes all the finished goods that have been produced by a third party following Pirelli specifications
(i.e., tubes, studs, cyber sensor, pncs).

Building, Utilities & Facilities

Industrial Services


Moulds, Mechanisms, Components & Accessories.