Continuous Improvement

Suppliers acting as partners and builders of value along the entire Supply Chain should approach Pirelli with an attitude of wanting to establish a long-term relationship:

  • Identifying non-performance processes (see below “Complaint Management”);
  • Identifying continuous improvement actions;
  • Realize solution;
  • Implement changes;
  • Monitoring KPIs for expected targets evaluation.


Pirelli is synonymous with innovation aiming at collaborating with suppliers in order to build trust and increase innovation-related activities.

The best-in-class suppliers have the opportunity of being invited to take part in projects for product or process development, this cooperative approach can speed up the innovation process providing a chance of gaining competitive advantage.

The more suppliers are acquainted with Pirelli’s needs, plans, strategies and product development programs, the more they perceive that this can assure future business opportunities with Pirelli through innovation-related activities.