• 1

    DLTC - Dual Layer Tread Compound

    External layer
    Improved mileage
    Excellent road holding
    Reduced braking distance

    Internal layer
    Low heat generation
    Reduce rolling resistance
    Structural integrity

  • 2

    Upper Belt Protector

    Upper belt protector with high impact
    and fatigue resistance cord

  • 3

    HPSC - High Penetration Steel Cord

    3 main belts with high compound penetration cord to reduce oxidation and ageing

  • 4

    ZDS - Zero Degree Structure

    Spiralling of the TWST Zero Degress belt strips (Pirelli patent) directly on the metallic carcass

  • 5

    Highly Flexible

    Highly flexible casing fabric
    for improved stress resistance

  • 6

    HBW - Hexagonal Bead Wire

    High flexibility
    Thermal stability of the bead and improved bead wire durability

  • 7

    Reinforced Bead

    High resistance to lateral impacts,
    even in very severe conditions

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