01 Series FW:01 and TW:01 winter tyres for steer axle and drive axle respectively were developed by Pirelli Research and Development to assure top performance and safety on wet, snow-covered, or icy roads with temperatures below 4° centigrade, for medium and long range haulage.

These features are largely based on the fundamental role played by the structure, the tread patterns and the special formulation of the rubber compounds (with two Pirelli patents pending) which have high silica contents, both in the tread and under tread compounds.

The tread patterns of W:01 line tyres play a key role in determining performance of the product. The deep siping, the innovative pitch sequence, and the blocks geometry make possible obtaining exceptionally well-balanced performance in terms of traction, handling on snow, reduced stopping distances on wet roads, high acoustic comfort and high mileage.

All FW:01 and TW:01 tyres are marked 3PMSF

The FW:01 tyre was developed with a Pirelli patent (RSR – Rotated Shoulder Rib) that ensures even wear and therefore high mileage.

The tread pattern of model TW:01 is designed to capture large quantities of snow, thereby ensuring excellent "snow-to-snow" grip, guaranteeing excellent road holding of the rear tyres and hence the whole vehicle.

In addition, the dense block pattern and the high void ratio of the tread design allow achieving high levels of acoustic comfort, making the use of the new W:01 optimal, especially on coaches. In this case, the combination of FW:01 on the steer axle and TW:01 on the drive axle maximises the mileage.