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P Zero Silver overcomes challenging conditions of Malaysia

For the first time this year, Pirelli’s new P Zero Silver hard tyre was seen in action: ideal for the hot and humid conditions of Sepang, where the track temperature peaked at 47 degrees centigrade today. McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton went quickest during the first free practice session this morning, ...>

Pirelli P Zero Silver hard tyre makes its 2012 debut

What’s the story? The 2012-specification of the P Zero Silver, the hardest and most durable tyre of Pirelli’s Formula One range, will make its debut at the Malaysian Grand Prix: a race that pushes tyres to the limits due to extremes of weather that frequently take in soaring temperatures as ...>

Pirelli’s GP3 drivers continue to learn in Barcelona

The first step on Pirelli’s ladder of talent, which can take an up-and-coming driver all the way to Formula One, is the GP3 Series: the feeder formula to GP2. GP3 uses identical Dallara chassis powered by Renault engines, and it has been supplied by Pirelli since 2010: marking the Italian ...>