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Medium and soft for GP in Hungary: hard for GP3

Hungaroring is a tight and twisty circuit making it one of the more technical tracks that GP2 and GP3 will race on this year. The P Zero White medium and P Zero Yellow soft tyres have been selected for GP2 (like Formula One) while the hard tyre is nominated for ...>


Close action and tyre strategy at Silverstone in GP2 and GP3

Silverstone’s GP2 and GP3 races, which place some of the highest demands seen all year on Pirelli’s tyres, ensured close competition where tyre management was critical. In view of the high-energy loads caused by the high-speed corners, the two hardest compounds in the range were nominated for GP2: hard and ...>


Hard and medium in GP2, new ‘superhard’ for GP3 in Silverstone

As Silverstone is one of the most demanding tracks that GP2 and GP3 will race on all year, the hardest possible tyres have been nominated: including a new ‘superhard’ compound that makes its debut in GP3. The GP2 drivers will use the conventional P Zero Orange hard and P Zero ...>