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Hockenheim: traction, braking, fast straights, and slow corners

The GP2 and GP3 teams return to Hockenheim after a two-year break, as the venue alternates with the Nurburgring to host German Grand Prix weekends. But for Pirelli, it will actually be the third visit to Hockenheim with GP3: as the Italian firm first came to the track as GP3 ...>

Mixed tyre strategies for GP2 in Great Britain: hard tyre in GP3 soaks up the demands of Silverstone

Mixed weather conditions at Silverstone led to a variety of different tyre strategies in the GP2 feature race on Saturday, which started off on a damp track. Around half the field started off on P Zero White medium tyres, while the other half opted for P Zero Orange hard. Ferrari-backed ...>


High speeds and big forces for GP2 and GP3 at Silverstone

With just a two-week break since Austria, the GP2 and GP3 championships resume at one of the fastest and most challenging tracks they will face all year: Silverstone, a home race for many drivers and teams. The GP2 teams have the P Zero Orange hard and P Zero White medium ...>