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Same tyre nominations as Germany for GP2 and GP3 in Hungary

For the Hungarian round of the GP2 and GP3 seasons – the only back-to-back weekends featuring both series all year – the championships will use exactly the same tyre nominations as Germany. So GP2 will have the P Zero White medium and P Zero Yellow soft tyres, while GP3 will ...>

Tyre strategy crucial for 200th GP2 race as Evans wins from 15th

Strategy was at the heart of the 200th GP2 race on Saturday, with New Zealander Mitch Evans taking his second consecutive victory all the way from 15th on the grid. Tyre strategy helped the former GP3 champion make his meteoric rise through the field, as he chose tactics that were ...>

Hockenheim: traction, braking, fast straights, and slow corners

The GP2 and GP3 teams return to Hockenheim after a two-year break, as the venue alternates with the Nurburgring to host German Grand Prix weekends. But for Pirelli, it will actually be the third visit to Hockenheim with GP3: as the Italian firm first came to the track as GP3 ...>