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Longer GP3 race on Saturday puts more emphasis on tyre management

The opening round of the GP3 Series takes place in Barcelona, meaning that for the first time all year, there will be Formula One, GP2 and GP3 all racing together on one event. The GP2 cars will use the P Zero Orange hard and P Zero Yellow soft tyres, with ...>


Tyre strategy at the forefront of GP2 opener in Bahrain

Tyre strategy was key to the GP2 races in Bahrain, especially in the feature race on Saturday – during which the drivers have to use both compounds, just like Formula One. In a recent move designed to bring GP2 even closer to Formula One, the GP2 cars also benefit from ...>


A new season of GP2 begins, with medium and soft P Zero tyres

GP2 testing, Bahrain Another new season of GP2 begins in Bahrain, with the drivers who are knocking on the door of Formula One once more lining up in identical 4.0-litre, 612-horsepower cars equipped with identical Pirelli tyres, so that only driving talent makes the difference. The biggest innovation made to ...>