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A wide variety of GP2 strategies at work in Monaco

The two softest tyres in Pirelli’s GP2 range, the P Zero Yellow soft and P Zero Red supersoft, performed perfectly in the tight and twisty confines of Monaco – allowing the teams to utilise a number of different race strategies. With overtaking so difficult at Monaco – round four of ...>


GP2 tyres ready for the twists, turns and glamour of Monaco

GP2 preview: Monaco 22-26 May 2013 The GP2 Series resumes with round four at the jewel in the championship’s crown: Monaco. Just as is the case for Formula One, the P Zero Yellow soft and P Zero Red supersoft tyres have been nominated. For GP2, this is the first time ...>

Pirelli continues to supply Formula One™ feeder series in 2013

GP2 and GP3 preview: Barcelona 10-12 May 2013 As well as being round three of the GP2 Series, Barcelona marks the start of the European grand prix season and the opening round of this year’s GP3 Series. Pirelli continues to supply both of Formula One’s feeder series with tyres, underlining ...>