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Durability and strength from Pirelli at Blancpain GT series debut

With long straights, sustained high speeds, very big kerbs and high-energy loadings, Monza is one of the biggest challenges of the year for the tyres. A tyre that is strong in Monza will be strong on any other circuit, such is the intense work-out that the tyres are subjected to, ...>

Blancpain GT Series kicks off on Pirelli’s home territory

This year’s Blancpain GT Series is made up of the Blancpain Endurance Series as well as the Blancpain Sprint Series, and the action gets underway this weekend at Pirelli’s home circuit of Monza, only half an hour away from the company’s Milan headquarters. Monza hosts the opening round of the ...>


Strategy comes to the fore in GP2 Bahrain

Vandoorne won the feature race in Bahrain The GP2 season got underway in Bahrain with a new set of tyre rules designed to bring the championship closer to Formula One. With the drivers now having to use both compounds during the feature race, even more possibilities were opened up in ...>