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From road to ski slopes: in St. Petersburg winter is branded with Pirelli technology

Safety and performance were at the core of “Snow on Board”, the event organised by Pirelli with the international press in St. Petersburg to present the latest innovations from group researchers designed to keep the dangers of the cold season under control, for safety on the road and on the ...>

Pirelli premium tyres at Geneva Motor Show

P ZERO AND CINTURATO P7 THE PREFERRED TYRES FOR THE PRESTIGE CARS AT THE 82ND EDITION OF THE MOTOR SHOW Pirelli’s premium technology is in the spotlight at the 82nd edition of the Geneva Motor Show, which will be featuring some of the most eagerly anticipated cars – such as ...>

Pirelli launches the P Zero Silver: the first road car tyre derived directly from Formula One

The new tyre offers high performance and extended durability for sports cars and sporting saloons The P Zero Silver extends the P Zero range and introduces the first series of highly specialised Pirelli products, designed to meet a wide range of different motorists’ needs This tyre has been designed for ...>