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Pirelli presents the New Cinturato P7 Blue at the Essen show

The new Cinturato offers more mileage, lower rolling resistance and reduced wet braking distances – highlighted by its excellent score of ‘AA’under the new European tyre label legislation Also at the show: the recently introduced Series 01 truck tyres, and Pirelli’s latest motorbike products Pirelli has revealed the new Cinturato ...>

Pirelli and Ken Block light up the snow of Russia

The American ‘Gymkhana’ star tests Pirelli’s latest studded competition tyre One of the world’s most famous drivers, known all over the globe for his extreme and spectacular style, a snowy stage in Igora Park, a Ford WRC and Pirelli’s studded competition tyres. This was the unforgettable line-up that Pirelli and ...>

From road to ski slopes: in St. Petersburg winter is branded with Pirelli technology

Safety and performance were at the core of “Snow on Board”, the event organised by Pirelli with the international press in St. Petersburg to present the latest innovations from group researchers designed to keep the dangers of the cold season under control, for safety on the road and on the ...>