Developed for the racetrack

The asymmetric  tread is characterized by two wide central ribs and large regular blocks.

Developed for the racetrack, each area has a specific function, calculated to the millimetre.

Didascalia one

The inner area, together with the longitudinal grooves, responds to the critical issues of wet surfaces and aquaplaning.
The imposing central ribs guide the trajectories and withstand the structural stresses on braking.
The transversal cuts ensure traction and braking.

Didascalia two

The outer area with pattern derived from rally asphalt applications, ensures the required rigidity to cope with the stresses during cornering, typical of racetrack driving.

A notable increase (+10%) in the size of the contact area in bends, thanks to flexibility derived from the numerous grooves present from the centre towards the inner shoulder.

In front (for cars with different sections on the axles) and all-around fitments, the longitudinal grooves are wider, to counter the effects of standing water, with respect to the rear tyre.

Land - Sea ratio

front (where applicable, with narrower section): good performance in aquaplaning thanks to the land/sea ratio comparable to a pure road tyre;

rear: thanks to the specific work done by the front tyre, it can concentrate on road holding deriving from the ‘fuller’ pattern;

all around: intermediate solution, with a lower land/sea ratio than a pure road tyre.

Technology in the service of racetrack driving

Maximum response to the driver’s commands, high grip in bends, acceleration and braking: the design qualities of P Zero™ Trofeo transfer safety into extreme use and in road journeys. These results are thanks to manufacturing solutions which have increased structural resistance for extreme use of tyres. P Zero™ Trofeo is a leader in technological refinement.

With respect to the previous product the design innovation of P Zero™ Trofeo stands out for the larger footprint with a more uniform distribution of the pressure. The advantage translates into greater grip, more regular wear and a increased driving comfort.

Pirelli has developed new formulas, in order to maintain high performance over longer times in the presence of very high thermal stresses, without penalizing handling on wet surfaces.

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