Thanks to its optimized tread pattern design and rounder profile, WINTER SNOWCONTROL™ SERIE 3 ensures higher traction capability on snowy surfaces.
Whereas, with this generation of winter compounds used, it achieves excellent wet and snow performance.
Moreover the innovative base compound and bead geometry improve handling and stability of the vehicle also in dry road conditions.

1 - Optimized Tread Pattern Design

Increase the traction
of each pattern section on the snow

Increased Traction
on snowy surfaces

2 - Improved Tread Pattern Compound Improves the balance between wet and snow behavior achieved through High Vinyl Poly Butadiene

Excellent Balance
between Wet and Snow Performance

3 - Interactive Brickwork siping (I.B.S.) Specific sipe geometry allows “vertical” and independent movements of tread "bricks" Increased contact area to enhanced braking also on irregular surfaces.
Stability in lateral / longitudinal directions to improve handling
Innovative Base Compound and Bead Geometry Excellent Dry Stability and Handling Outstanding safe driving in dry road conditions

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