The winter tyre developed to meet all safety requirements for "city to compact cars" on roads in urban, country and mountainous conditions: providing high levels of safety in moderate to extreme winter conditions.
This is another significant advance in Pirelli’s move towards a more effective respect for the environment, without Highly Aromatic Oils in the compounds and with advanced low rolling resistance technology to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

1 - Directional tread pattern design with wide longitudinal grooves Improved water and slush expulsion Reduced risk of aquaplaning
2 - Optimised pitch sequence Reduction of high frequency noise Excellent comfort and driving pleasure
3 - Thin sipe technology: reduced distance between tread's sipes Wider contact area and compact tread pattern Excellent handling and braking in all road conditions
4 - Siped longitudinal grooves More effective "snow on snow" friction effect Increased traction on snowy surfaces

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