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10/10WINTER CARVING™ EDGE (studded) 205/55 R16 2nd place
On ice the handling performance on the Pirelli is calm and neutral and is on snow considered the best in test.On launches on snow it’s the quickest of all. Handling stably with calm and soft movements. neutral and not losing grip when pushed hard on wet.
10/10WINTER CARVING™ EDGE (studded) 205/55 R16 91T4th place
Stable grip quality on snow and ice, good braking on dry asphalt; confident handling and good road-holding ability on any winter road.
09/10WINTER CARVING™ EDGE 205/55 R16 91TFord Focus3rd place
Sportive character. On slightly thawed snow, these tires will help to avoid problems – they are better than others resist to the slush planning. On asphalt, provide very quick reactions to a car.Recommend them as for city as well as for country driving.
10/09WINTER CARVING™ EDGE 205/55R16 TFord Focus
The Italians have sharpen up the Carving and have now a very good grip on winter roads. The steering is very precise. On asphalt it performs OK in the rear.
On icy surface the Pirelli is easy to drive, and the grip level is never lost in any of the test. On ice track braking, the lowest position is fifth. On snow Pirelli earns best position on test. The lowest position on snow is in the hill test, where it ends on bronze. All other results are good. In acceleration it shares first position with Bridgestone and Nokian.Driveability remains uncomplicated and unchanged in all circumstances, which makes driveability easy.
For the ice testing, Pirelli did very well and its driving abilities must be creditted. It under steers a little, but when it loses grip, it happens in a soft and controllable way. Is the quickest to start on snow. Judges to be outstanding to drive; neutral with soft loss of grip when it is forced. Grip on wet is good. Brakes equally well on wet and dry asphalt. Very good on ice and snow.
09/09WINTER CARVING™ EDGE 205/55R16 TVW Golf
Up and down. The studded tyres from Pirelli is a surprise, it is really good on winter conditions.

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