Developed for the racetrack

The asymmetric tread pattern is made of two areas:

Didascalia one

The inner area, together with the longitudinal grooves, responds to the critical issues of wet surfaces and aquaplaning. The wide central ribs ensure precise trajectories and alleviate the stress of accelerating and braking on the track. The transversal grooves with special pattern provide constant traction and assist braking. The wide circumferential grooves enable water drainage, therefore maintaining traction in the wet.

Didascalia two

The outer outer area ensures the required rigidity to cope with the stresses during cornering, typical of racetrack driving.

The solid shoulder - similar to a slick but more rigid - maximise lateral grip when cornering at very high speed and quickly changing trajectory on the track whilst maintaining complete control.
This special mix of shape/functionality has enabled the achievement of very consistent performance.

Power progression

Power progression

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