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Seal Inside

Pirelli introduces on the market its new “Seal Inside Technology”, the new concept of extended mobility to safely drive your cars in the event of a puncture.

What is Seal Inside?

Seal Inside (S.I.) is a new tyre construction technology that allows you to drive on without losing air pressure even after the tyre has been punctured by an external object, covering almost 85% of the possible accidental causes of pressure loss*.

The Seal Inside logo will be used to identify all Pirelli products featuring this new technology.
The logo (in black) is also on the tyre sidewall.

* The Seal Inside is effective for the majority of the punctures apart from the ones that are compromising the integrity of the tyre

How does it work?

Inside the tyre, in the area corresponding to the tread pattern, a sealing layer material tightly blocks every possible air leakage in case of a puncture that passes through the carcass with or without an external object still present.

The Seal Inside deals immediately with the hole and its fast and effective action, in most cases, does not make the driver realize that the tyre has been punctured.

Operative Recommendation

In the event of a puncture, the sealant allows the driver to continue driving – not having to stop the vehicle for an immediate replacement of the tyre – until it can be replaced.
The sealant does not guarantee permanent repair of the tyre caused by a puncture. For this reason Pirelli recommends that drivers regularly monitor the tyres in order to identify punctures that are sealed, or the presence of nails or screws on the tread pattern. In such a situation, it is necessary to go to a specialized tyre dealer who can identify the puncture area and remove the object that caused it.
The tyre dealer has to subsequently evaluate the extent of the damage and decide if the tyre can be repaired or not.
Seal Inside tyres can significantly reduce the chance of having a flat tyre but, unlike run flat tyres, are not designed to be driven under inflated or in a flat condition.
In terms of mounting, removing and balancing there are no differences between Seal Inside and standard tyres. Pirelli tyres with Seal Inside technology do not need dedicated rims and for this reason can be mounted on the same standard rims used for standard tyres.
Seal Inside tyres should be stored in the same conditions recommended for standard tyres.

Repairing Instructions

Premise: examination of a damaged tyre and execution of a proper repair are the responsibilities only of a specialized tyre dealer. Pirelli does not assume any liability for operations performed by third parties.
To perform the repair of a tyre with Seal Inside technology it is necessary to remove the layer of sealant in the puncture area within the tyre until you reach the impermeable butyl layer, for an area with the same size as the repair patch to be applied; after removing the sealant the repair operation is equivalent to that of a standard tubeless tyre.
As is evident, this operation to remove the sealant from the puncture area inevitably means that the treated area loses the special technical feature of Seal Inside.


Within a product line there is no difference in terms of driving performance (rolling resistance, comfort, noise, dry and wet performance) between a Seal Inside tyre and a standard tyre.
The Seal Inside Technology does not need dedicated rims and TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) to be used safely on a vehicle; it can be used on any kind of vehicle depending on the tyre size.