ANGEL st - Tyre structure

0° Steel belt is the technical element that ensures the versatility needed by  soul product:

- Angel: the patented 0° steel belt beneath the tread translates immediately into easily appreciated handling, even to those who do not ride bikes professionally. The tyre is more stable and handles in a uniform manner, even in high speed riding conditions, yet when fully loaded it is more balanced in a corner, more stable under braking.

- Demon: with the support of the compounds, the 0° steel belt ensures maximum braking stability and maximizes the contact patch at all lean angles and speeds in terms of area, shape and pressure, helping the tread to reach an unbeatable grip and stability level.

EPT stands for Enhanced Patch Technology. It is the latest patented design technology developed by Pirelli derived from the experience in the World Superbike championship, which founds in the optimization of the contact patch the key of the performance, and focuses the entire tyre set design on this improvement.

To maximize the contact patch EPT technology brings forth an innovative concept for the tread, a new profile design, supported by the patented zero degree steel belt radial structure, and new materials.

This make ANGEL ST guarantee a level of excellence never seen before for a road product. The entire tyre set components work in coordination to keep perfectly in touch the bike and the ground.



ANGEL st - Rear tread design
ANGEL st - Front tread design

The revolutionary tread design of the set is the ultimate state of the art of tread development which brings both excellent dry performance and high level control on wet roads. Grooves are concentrated exactly where needed, putting more rubber on the ground.

The FRONT is characterized by side-to-side grooves to maximize drainage, and short grooves inserted to reduce the mobility of the tread which maximizes stability.

The REAR design is characterized by:

- Central rib in order to ensure traction and grip but also high wear resistance.

- Longitudinal grooves that allow a reduction of the number of pitches.

This results in a reduction of the land-sea ratio without compromising drainage, at the same time an improvement of stability coming from a more compact tread.

Sport Tourers look for mileage, so for this reason we have introduced a new solution for the incline of the wall in the tread groove. The incline of the tread groove wall is also designed to ensure the same water flow throughout the tyre’s life, even when the wear process is near completion.

The Angel gives you safety on wet, stability and mileage. The Demon is always present, ensuring you the rubber that you need, when you want.



Tyre Structure

The new front and rear profiles are the results of the new end count (distribution) solution of 0° steel belt, thinner than in the past, arriving at improved handling performance while reducing weight of the belt system.

The front is designed to give the best balance of linear behavior in corners and outstanding ease of handling. The rear profile is aimed to support the bike even at very high lean angles, shaping correctly the contact area in the best geometry from straight, to middle lean, to extreme lean.

The Guardian Angel offers you maximum safety during a long journey as well as in the daily urban route, no matter the weather and the road conditions.



Tyre Structure


The Guardian Angel offers you maximum safety during a long journey as well as in the daily urban route, no matter the weather and the road conditions:

- New high Silica compound using a specifically developed curing system for wear control allows ANGEL ST to reach the best compromise between stability, mileage and safety feeling.

- Maximum safety feeling on wet , keeping the groove opened for optimal drainage, is granted together.

The Demon comes out while leaning, during rapid acceleration and while pushing the brake to the limit:

- New generation of reinforcement (carbon black) and High Dispersion Silica together with specific resins (low thermo plasticity, high performance) ANGEL ST is able to reach low contact rigidity.

- High adaptability of the compound to the ground (micro contact) in order to maximize the contact patch and offer grip at every lean angle.



ANGEL st - Benefits summary

New chemically enhanced carcass materials specifically designed to ensure high dampening properties for variability of road surfaces.

New production system resulting in controlled resistance compounds ensuring regular wear even under heavy stress.

High Silica compound for maximum safety feeling in all weather conditions: a hand on the shoulder of the rider and his passenger.

The most balanced street usage compound to maximize contact at any an angle on public roads.

Quick handling response from application of "zero degree" steel belt: riding confidence at high speed.

New generation of profile tailored for high performance Sport-Touring bikes to ensure neutral behavior during cornering.



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