Tyre technology
  1. DLTC - Dual Layer Tread Compound

    External layer
    Improved mileage
    Excellent road holding
    Reduced braking distance

    Internal layer
    Low heat generation
    Reduce rolling resistance
    Structural integrity

  2. Upper Belt Protector

    Upper belt protector with high impact
    and fatigue resistance cord

  3. HPSC - High Penetration Steel Cord

    3 main belts with high compound penetration cord to reduce oxidation and ageing

  4. ZDS - Zero Degree Structure

    Spiralling of the TWST Zero Degress belt strips (Pirelli patent) directly on the metallic carcass

  5. Highly Flexible

    Highly flexible casing fabric
    for improved stress resistance

  6. HBW - Hexagonal Bead Wire

    High flexibility
    Thermal stability of the bead and improved bead wire durability

  7. Reinforced Bead

    High resistance to lateral impacts,
    even in very severe conditions

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