Tyre technology
  1. DLTC - Dual Layer Tread Compound

    External layer
    Higher mileage
    Excellent roadholding
    Reduced braking distance

    Internal layer
    Low heat generation
    Reduce rolling resistance
    Structural integrity

  2. Zero Degree Structure

    Wider belts for increased structural integrity and avenness of wear
    A thicker strip between the load-bearing belts enhances endurance and strength
    The first belt is the widest, so easing stress at the extremities and increasing structural integrity and retreadability

  3. HPSC - High Penetration Steel Cord

    Cord is more resistant to oxidation
    HEP. New generation steel cord gives improved resistance to impacts

  4. HBW - Hexagonal Bead Wire

    Greater flexibility and easy of fitting
    Thermal stability of bead and longer lasting bead wire

  5. Reinforced Bead

    High resistance to lateral impacts,
    even in very severe conditions

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