01 Series – New standards of reliability, duration and respect for the environment in the heavy vehicle tyre sector.

The 01 Series is the new line of tyres for industrial vehicles, launched in 2009 on the “Regional” (FR:01 and TR:01) and “Trailer” (ST:01) segments.
Developed with new tread designs, structures and materials, to respond to the needs of professional operators, it is at the top for quality in the European market in terms of: high mileage, low rolling resistance with consequent reduction of consumption, excellent retreadability and respect for the environment thanks to low noise levels and the use of highly aromatic oil free (HAOF) compounds.

The targeted design of the tread patterns enables a significant reduction in rolling resistance, a reduction in fuel consumption and a decrease in emissions of harmful substances into the environment.
Completing it all, high driving comfort and reduced noise, already in line with the 2012 European directives.

Innovative compounds are used, which increase mileage, thus extending the first life of the tyre.
At the same time, the robust casing is highly suited for retreading,which leads to lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact along the entire lifecycle of the tyre.