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Pirelli introduces the “intelligent” truck and bus tyre one sensor contains all data for safe travel

An electronic sensor allows the tyre “to talk” simultaneously with driver and fleet “control tower”, indicating pressure and temperature Pirelli extends to the haulage sector the technology originally designed for car safety To mark Truck Safety Day, Pirelli carries out a series of comparative tests with the 01 Series Winter, ...>

Celebrated the truck division centenary with three new product lines

From the momentous ‘Ercole 1000 x 150’, first marketed in 1911, to the new tyres for winter, highway and gravel applications, presented in Izmit to complete the 01 Series The efficient mobility solutions of the new tyres guaranteeing fleets safety, environmental sustainability and low running costs Photographic exhibition “Pirelli, a ...>

Pirelli to raise Emea area tyre prices from 1 June

Pirelli announces price increases in all Emea area markets (Europe, Middle East, Africa) for car, moto, scooter, light industrial and heavy industrial vehicle tyres. This is a consequence of the rising cost of key raw materials, in particular natural rubber and oil.