Drive axle tyre. Extremely resistant to tears and lacerations. Exceptional traction capability.

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G On/Off: products designed for mixed use vehicles on the road, on construction sites and under slightly-aggressive tread-wear conditions.

Q Off: products designed for vehicles used solely on construction sites, in quarries and mining operations with highly-aggressive tread-wear conditions.

• Tread pattern has robust shoulder blocks, massive central rib and optimised sectional transversal grooves: a guarantee against tears and lacerations.
• Wide, deep transversal grooves ensure superior performance in terms of roadholding and traction as well as on difficult and slippery surfaces.
• In case of use on front axles (four-wheel drive vehicles), the TG85 ensures optimum driveability without vibration due to the continuous central design.
• The new BELT COMPOUND is particularly resistant to the hammering phenomena (detachment of the tread from the belt) typical of damage caused in this segment/application.

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