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Whilst designing and developing tyres suitable for all vehicles applications, to ensure optimum fleet investment, Pirelli’s involvement in the transport industry goes much further.
CQ24 International tyre breakdown service is the complete solution for long-haul transport.
Wherever the vehicle is located, whatever the breakdown is, whenever it occurs, the most suitable on-the-spot or in-workshop assistance will be organised to get it back on the road.
A simple 24h/7 call is enough to get the best help arranged at a fixed price, with a 2-hour time-on-spot commitment.
So, can your fleet do without Pirelli CQ24 International?

Pirelli CQ24 International - the perfect answer to your international transport needs.
CQ24 International is the definitive and fastest solution to any form of tyre breakdown Europe-wide: from the initial call, to getting your truck back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Accurate cost planning, shorter stop guarantee and efficient managemant procedures make CQ24 International easy to use.
Real time monitoring is also a plus breakdown callouts can be checked at any time, immaterial of location.

CQ24 International has been developed to guarantee efficient, high quality Europe-wide fleet support activity. That’s why CQ24 International procedures are focused on “2H time-on-spot” commitment.
YOUR DIRECT LINE TO THE BEST PARTNER ON THE ROAD CQ24 International is active throughout the whole of Europe, including ex-Soviet Republics, and relies on one of themost organised emergency centres to offer:
• a unique European phone number (printed on the service card)
• a network of 5,000+ tyre dealers for full European road coverage
• operators who cover 16 European languages for a tailored service
advanced information systems from vehicle positioning, to closer assistance point identification and direct data communication via sms with the driver
• internet-based control systems for real time monitoring and vehicleassociated history management
• computer-based vehicle data management.
CQ24 International is an investment in safety and the guarantee of your vehicle’s continuous efficiency. With no compromises: Pirelli has chosen the best partner in CQ24 International to give you the guarantee of resolving a critical breakdown.
Pirelli CQ24 International Breakdown Service manages all your fleet requirements, planning everything from costs, procedures, management and controls to filing. Pirelli CQ24 International removes any doubt, starting with the Dealers’ price list: unique, transparent and valid Europe-wide. This coupled with:
• emergency centre’s answer in the same language as the driver calling for assistance
• clear communication
• immediate reporting via computer
• agreement on successful completion of the work.
A complete service putting your vehicle back on the road in the fastest possible time scale.